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renewed vitality.

optimAL wellness.

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welcome to precision health!

Are you passionate about living a life full of vitality and energy?


Do you want to bounce out of bed in the morning, ready to greet a day filled with possibilities? 


Are you prepared to be fully present and enjoy time with your family without being plagued by preventable medical conditions? 


If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then Precision Health is the integrative health service you’ve been waiting for. Our in-house MD, Dr. Chrisadel Heath is passionate about taking a proactive approach to medicine and believes that true wellness is only achieved when the body is completely in balance. Dr. Heath’s own health journey led her to discover the benefits of functional medicine and an integrative approach, which profoundly affected her personal life and career. It is this personal experience that drives her to achieve similar results for each of her patients enabling them to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives. 


Comprehensive wellness is a life-long journey where finding the right health partner for your unique needs is essential. Trust the Precision Health team to keep your health and wellbeing on track and deliver personalized guidance that will help you achieve your most ambitious health and wellness goals.

about us

Our Mission is to help practice members create an optimized life by providing a comprehensive, personalized wellness blueprint and coaching that is focused on achieving individual goals, restoring physiologic and nutritional balance and enhancing performance. We achieve this vision by looking at you, your unique history and the symptoms you ARE having.  We don’t treat symptoms, we partner with you to uncover the root cause and then focus on restoring balance to help you reclaim the life you deserve.  

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Image by Brooke Cagle

"I was fatigued, struggling with anxiety, poor sleep, weight gain, and was grouchy with my kids and husband. My marriage lacked intimacy and even my anti-anxiety meds seemed like they were no longer working.  I thought maybe my hormones were off but still had fairly regular periods. Dr. Heath took time and truly listened to me! I feel better than I have in years. I’m back exercising regularly, my hormones are balanced, I sleep great and have the relationship I want with my husband and kids."

Rachel, 43


Your greatest wealth

is your health!

Are you tired of:
Not having the energy to do the things you once enjoyed?
Taking medications with so many side effects?
Receiving "normal" labs but not feeling normal?
Wasting money and things that don't work?
Gaining more weight and feel tired?
Not feeling like you are the  best version of yourself?
Learn how to optimize your health & wellness with Precision MD!

Dr.Chrisadel Heath


Dr. Chrisadel Heath, MD, is a Board Certified physician in Family Medicine and AntiAging and Regenerative Medicine.  She specializes in disease prevention and health optimization. 


While Dr. Heath holds a deep respect and appreciation for traditional medicine, her own health journey led her to discover the benefits of functional medicine and an integrative approach, which profoundly affected her personal life and career.

Chrisadel Heath MD
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