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Dr. Chrisadel Heath is a Board Certified physician in Family Medicine and AntiAging and Regenerative Medicine.  She specializes in disease prevention and health optimization.  Dr. Heath completed undergraduate training with a B.S. in Biology from Louisiana College followed by her M.D. at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. She served as the Chief Resident in her Residency Program, which she completed in 2011.


Following Residency, she went on to fulfill her passion for helping people live their best lives while practicing outpatient Family Medicine, where she thoroughly enjoyed caring and empowering patient to achieve optimal wellness in every facet of their lives.


While Dr. Heath holds a deep respect and appreciation for traditional medicine, her own health journey led her to discover the benefits of functional medicine and an integrative approach, which profoundly affected her personal life and career.



About a year after the birth of her daughter, Dr. Heath began experiencing extreme fatigue, difficulty losing weight and, perhaps the most anxiety-inducing symptom of all was her struggle to be fully engaged and present the way her young family needed her to be.  She felt like she was in a “fog” and was experiencing the symptoms of becoming burned out far too early in her career.  For a young health-conscious professional, it didn’t make any sense. 

Conventional medicine said everything was “normal” including labs, but normal was the furthest thing Dr. Heath could identify with as she struggled through her days.  Out of desperation, she even tried the standard antidepressant treatment recommended by well intentioned doctors, but it just didn’t feel right.  In a last-ditch effort, she consulted a functional medicine physician who discovered several nutritional deficiencies and some underlying hormonal imbalances with extensive testing.  Within 2 months she was back to herself and most importantly back to the engaged mother her daughter deserved.


Dr. Heath’s personal experience opened her eyes to the power of true transformation that lies within discovering and addressing the root cause of one’s symptoms.  Using her journey as a source of inspiration, she embarked on her pursuit of training in Functional and Integrative Medicine in order to better honor her steadfast commitment to improving the lives of those around her.  Precision MD Health Optimization is the result of Dr. Heath’s bold vision to empower her patients to take control and live their best lives with optimal wellness and long-lasting vitality.  


Dr. Heath practices precision medicine, focusing not on a disease or how to temporarily make a symptom better, but also on the “why” behind the symptom.  She is exceptionally invested in her patients’ wellbeing and consistently goes above and beyond to find the root cause of their symptoms.  Dr. Heath develops individualized wellness blueprints based on advanced biomarkers and  diagnostics to help you achieve optimal wellness and vitality so that you can live a purposeful life to your fullest potential.  Are you ready to  reclaim your health? Join us at one of our upcoming webinars to get started!

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