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Comprehensive Personalized Wellness Consultation for patients looking to achieve peak physical and functional performance as well as long-term disease prevention or reversal of chronic illness. This in-depth consultation involves a root cause analysis of any symptoms you are having and focuses on optimizing nutritional and hormonal balance, exercise, stress management, and lifestyle changes. The Comprehensive Personalized Wellness Consultation is adapted to each individual based on their unique concerns, medical history, and wellness goals.


This program includes:

  • An in-depth medical, diet and lifestyle history intake.

  • Personalized wellness assessment which may include labs and an advanced functional medicine test.

  • Individualized nutritional recommendations.

  • Lifestyle modifications including a prescribed exercise routine.

  • Medical grade supplement recommendations if required.

  • Stress management techniques. 


Focused consultations are also available for clients who require:

  • Hormone Evaluation, Balancing, and Replenishment

  • Functional Medicine Consultation 

  • Nutritional Consultation

  • Weight Management Consultation

Ongoing membership programs are available after completion of the initial assessment.  Keep in mind that your symptoms didn’t appear overnight. To make sustainable changes in your physiology, it may take time to unravel these influences. A Precision Health membership allows for consistent support and protocol adjustments when needed.  The VIP Program fee is based on the complexity of your case which will be determined after your initial evaluation. 

Membership includes:

  • In-depth evaluation and personalized treatment recommendations focused on helping you reclaim your health.

  • A personalized lifestyle plan and assessment including nutrition and exercise recommendations.

  • A personalized supplement plan.

  • Prescription drug management.

  • Phone consultations and follow-ups for your convenience should you need to adjust protocols, ask questions or get additional support.

  • Access to advanced functional lab testing at direct lab pricing for the lowest rates.

  • Discounts on high-quality, medical grade supplements that we will ship directly to you.

Patients are required to commit to a minimum of 3 months membership, after which they can cancel at any time.

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